Satyawati Evening College Principal Sent On Leave Over Administrative Irregularities


The governing body of Satyawati College on Thursday sent its
evening college principal Dr Vijay Shankar Mishra on a 15-day leave over
allegations of administrative irregularities.

The governing body also constituted a fact-finding committee to
look into allegations over roster, appointment and administrative

“In order to ensure a free and fair inquiry, the governing body
decided that Dr Mishra should proceed forthwith on leave and avoid visiting the
college premises during the pendency of inquiry against him,” the governing
body, in a statement, said.

“I got to know in the morning that my office was sealed and
bouncers were placed outside. I called the police and later, the seal was
broken in their presence,” Mishra said.

Governing body chairman Pankaj Gaur said they had received
multiple complaints about Mishra not following the reservation roster. “After
the staff members employed under SC/ST quota retired, the circular announcing
vacant positions would not specify that these were reserved posts,” he said.

“I challenge them to prove that even one vacancy was against the
roster,” Mishra countered, adding that the roster implementation cannot be done
without the university’s approval.

A section of students and staff members protested against the
decision taken by the governing body, which locked Mishra’s room and called in
security personnel on campus. “We did not see any sense in locking up the
principal’s room. However, the matter was later resolved amicably,” Himanshu
Singh, a teacher at Satyawati College, said.

Gaur, however, alleged that Mishra had brought along 40-50 “goons”
with him to the campus on Thursday and they allegedly roughed up the
non-teaching staff and others. He said the police arrived on the campus to
diffuse the situation.

Mishra denied the allegations saying DU teachers’ association
members, including its president, were there on the campus on Thursday along
with DU student union president Shakti Singh, and executive council members.

In December last year, deputy chief minister and education
minister Manish Sisodia had asked Delhi University V-C Yogesh Tyagi to intervene
and take action against Mishra for calling an emergency meeting of the
governing body without the chairman’s approval. In a letter to Tyagi, Sisodia
asked for appropriate action to be taken against Mishra for violating the
university ordinance and the EC resolution.

Reported by Hindustan

~ Preksha Mishra

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